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Lava Flow Recipe

I have a friend who worked at a luxurious and showed me how to make their specialty drink, Lava Flows. She would come home from work and all of us room mates would have a little party and drink them all the time! They were crowd pleasers, that’s for sure! Oh, how I miss those days.

Anyway, I made these tonight with the 14-15 year old girls from Church and it was so fun! You’ve gotta try it!

(These are usually made with alcohol at the fancy-pants hotels, but I don’t drink, so we’re going virgin on this)

Here’s the recipe. If you know her, just read it with her Texas accent. Oh how I miss that accent!

image source

Aproximate Ingredients:

46 oz. pineapple juice
40 oz coco lopez
1 pint half and half
frozen strawberries in syrup
2 tablespoons water
clear cups

For your convenience, see and purchase all of the key ingredients HERE!

It’s really easy but my measurements aren’t exact. It’s one part pineapple juice to one part coco lopez (cream of cocnut, it’s in a can.) Usually it takes about three cans of coco lopez to one big can of pineapple juice. Then you add half and half until it turns white. So I’d say about 1 pint of half and half. In a separate bowl puree strawberries, sugar and water. Or you can puree frozen strawberries in syrup with a little water that seems to work a little better. You want it to be somewhat thick, almost like a syrup texture. Pour strawberries in the cup about an half an inch to an inch high. Put ice in your blender and pour the coconut mix in unitl it’s at an even height with the ice. Blend, then pour in the cup with strawberry mix. The strawberries should come up the sides of the cup. If it doesn’t, either thin out your strawberries a little bit, or before pouring the coconut take the cup and swish the strawberries around so they stick on the sides of the cup.

Yummy additions:
Blend a banana in with the pina colada. That’s my favorite way of having it.
Blend and friut in with the pina colada. That’s how T-Bay makes all their smoothies.
Cut a pineapple in 4 sections around the core. Take one section and cut in half length-wise. Make a 1/2 inch insertiondown the length of the section. Cut width-wise in 1 inch sections. you can use this to go on the side of the glass. We also put a marichino cherry with an umbrella and poked it into the pineapple.

For your convienence, purchase all of the key ingredients and supplies HERE!


  1. that looks so delicious. my husband grew up overseas and their flights to and from the marshall islands every summer always stopped in hawaii and he loved getting lava flows when they got to stay at hilton hawaiian village. i actually didn't realize this until i emailed the recipe to him and he said "did you know that i LOVE lava flows??" so thanks! we'll just have to make them and pretend it's summer…

  2. MMMMM…trying those very sooon! Yum!

  3. if you dont add the strawberry it delicious just pina colada! I made them for new years!

  4. these look so delish!! thanks for the recipe heather you have the best recipes ever i love it!

  5. mmmmmm…I miss those days too! I remember Jeremy Moncur trying to teach Bitsy to speak pidgin and her saying in her texas accented pidgin, "Ho Boo, try bring me one pina colada!" Good times! Lets go to Hawaii. That is all.

  6. That looks AMAZING! Now we just need some sun and sand between the toes!

  7. Mmmm I want to make one right now. Thanks for making me famous. Maybe I'll start dressing like lady Gaga now…

  8. I'm a fan of anything from Turtle Bay! I'm thinkin' for sure these are low fat right??? Please??? :) They look yummy.

  9. Oh my gosh this looks awesome! My inlaws are bringing me back some pineapples from Hawaii so next week I'm totally making this!

  10. Those look JUST like the ones at turtle bay. Even the cups and everything!

  11. Hello from Kermit, Texas!

  12. About how many lava flow drinks does this recipe make? They look awesome. I want to make them for some people but need to know how much I would need. Thanks

  13. Hmm…it's been a while now since I've made them. I guess it depends on the size of cup you use. But I'd guess maybe 8-10 servings using the size of cup pictured?? Sorry, I wish I could really remember!

  14. Looks super tasty! This is how i wrote out the recipe for myself; maybe it can help others.1. Mix one can pineapple juice and 3 cans coco loco (amounts should be roughly equal).2. Add half and half to this mixture, until it turns white (approx half a pint).3. In a blender, puree strabwerries in syrup with a bit of water.4. Pour 1 inch worth of pureed strawberries in each cup.5. Pour the pineapple/coco loco mixture in the blender with some ice and blend. 6. Fill the remainder of the plastic cup with the coconut mixture.–By the way how much of the strawberries in syrup would i need?

  15. YUM! I live in Hawaii and LOVE lava flows! Now, I can make them at home when I don't feel like going out!! Mahalo for sharing!

  16. Can't wait to try this! I have everything except for the strawberries…guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

  17. Just had to say I lived in Kermit for almost 5 yrs back in the mid 70's. I had a lava flow when we went to Hawaii 2 yrs ago. I had non alcoholic version and was just talking to daughter in law about this past weekend. Thanks for the recipe! Ps..haven't been to Kermit in years…live in Odessa now!

  18. Thanks for sharing the recipe!! My husband and I drank these pool side on our Honeymoon in Mexico… it was our favorite drink! I'm going to make these soon.. thanks again!

  19. I LOVE using raspberries instead of strawberries too!! its how they make it at the sand bar at the Contemporary resort at Disney World. YUM!!

  20. If adding alcohol…how much and what type? Rum?

  21. If I wanted to add alcohol what kind and how much?

  22. If you're wanting to make the alcoholic version, it's essentially half strawberry daiquiri (rum) and half pina colada – SO GOOD!

  23. My husband and I went to Hawaii in 1999. I had the most awesome drink….the Lava flow! I have been looking for the receipe for years! Thanks so much!!!!!

  24. Yes, rum. These are also called a Miami Vice, after the show. Tasty drink but not fun to make if you are bartending on a busy weekend night :)

  25. Hi:) Saw this on Pinterest. What a yummy looking drink:) I have a question about the Coco Lopez. I see there are several products made under this name. Would this be the Cream of Coconut, Coconut Milk, Coconut Juice, or the Pina Colada? This would be an awesome drink to make at our beach condo this summer;) Thanks so much:)

  26. KathrynAnn, thanks for asking! It's the cream of coconut! Enjoy!

  27. AAHHH!!! I JUST got back from a 10 day stay in Maui Hawaii! My husband and I drank Lava flows almost ever night! They are sooo amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this! Now I can make my own–and not have to go from North Carolina to Hawaii to get them :) XOXOX

  28. thanks for the recipe! found this via pinterest, would appreciate it if you corrected the source, as it's my photo ( thank you!

  29. Yes, thank you Rick! I tried to site the source as best I could, but I'm glad I have the original one now! I'll change it.

  30. This is my favorite drink! We go to Hawaii mostly Maui several times a year and I always get one. I can not wait to make one tonight thanks for recipe! Mahalo, Lika

  31. Wow so good!!! :) thanks again Lika

  32. i got all of the supplies off of pinterest and it said coconut milk not cream of coconut so will the coconut milk work

  33. Anon, I have never tried to use coconut milk in place of cream of cocnut. You can try, but I don't think it'll work as well because cream of coconut (coco lopez) is super thick and creamy, and that's what the drink needs.

  34. Looks like a great drink! Will have to try soon!

  35. I’d like to add rum to this recipe. Do I mix it in with the pina colada mix ? Thx for your info.

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