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All in the Family

Chelsea’s “Friends” Shower!

Nicole and Lindsay (both cousins AND friends) decided to throw Chelsea her “friends” shower. The BEST words I have to describe it are:


It was amazing! As I drove up around dusk, there was a glow of lights far off amidst the pear orchard and Magic (the horse). As Ashley and I came closer and closer, I could see that there was a large table set up, so that all attending could be in one accord and be part of one conversation.

There were fancy delicatessens along with a tiny cake for each place setting. As the night went on and the sun was setting, we enjoyed the lightening in the distance and the light breeze drifting through the pear trees. It was the most delightful party I’ve ever been to.

(all photos taken by Nicole Christensen)


  1. oh wow! every little bit about this is so magical, twinkly lights get me everytime :]

  2. The mustaches are my favorite thing… :-D

  3. beautiful, it does look magical!

  4. Oh, my GOODNESS! They must have killed themselves to make it so perfect….magic and whimsical are the perfect descriptions for such a fun and beautiful shower/party! What a lucky bride.

  5. It really was the BEST party ever!! Thanks for posting the pics heather!!

  6. a-freakin-dorable. loving the izze bottles and the strings of twinkle lights. what a wonderful event. xo.

  7. so so so amazing. I can not believe all the lights. Utah really knows how to throw a bridal shower, my goodness.

  8. beautiful and fun! Just like you guys!

  9. 1. Where was the party located? I used to live in Utah and have never seen anything that green.2. Where did they buy the lights?This is the most beautiful party I've ever seen.

  10. The orchard is in Nicole's yard in Orem. Amazing huh?! The lights were borrowed from a friend. Not sure where they bought them. Sorry!

  11. Twinkly lights, wonders and whimsy get me every time! Thanks for reminding me of the magic in Christmas lights outdoors on a summer's evening. It gives me an idea for suppertime today!I'm glad you posted this link on the Mormon Mommy Blogs Post of the Week. You've piqued my creativity for a dinner date on the patio with my husband.

  12. What a beautiful way to celebrate the new beginning of married life!Very inspiring~!

  13. What an adorable party. My daughter is getting married in a week. So exciting!Coming from MMB.

  14. Wow! That is so cool. I too love the moustaches. Great idea!!

  15. oh how pretty!and i love that everyone sat together. makes it so much more intimate!

  16. stunning, stunning, stunning! i just blogged about this … thank you for sharing!

  17. how beautiful. i love it!

  18. It looks amazing!! We are having our son's wedding recetion in our backyard and want to do the same. Could you share with me how you hung the lights up?? It is so festive and fun. Thanks.

  19. Cathi, I didn't personally hang them, but I'm pretty sure they just tied them to the trees.

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