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Best Breed of Dog?

On 16, Feb 2011 | 21 Comments | In Wanda | By Heather Mildenstein

I’ll admit it. Matt and I have been looking. Obsessively. Not as a replacement for our beloved Wanda, let’s be honest, nothing can compare to her. We just like dogs a lot. We’ve debated back and forth about the pros and cons of getting a dog right this second, but more on that later.

Right now I want to hear what kind of dogs YOU love and why!

We’re open to a lot of different breeds, and have just been doing research. Our main requirement is that the dog be hypoallergenic because Matt has allergies to animals. But that aside, what is YOUR favorite?!


  1. we have a mini schnauzer and love her. she's hypoallergenic. and they come in all colors. i love the white ones. they're good with kids and really smart and loving.

  2. Sawyer is a Yorkie Poodle mix. He's pretty great. He is the most friendly nice dog ever. Even if Rilo is pulling his hair off he just sits there and licks her.My grandparents and parents even got one after we brought Sawyer to visit them.

  3. Oops. I keep commenting from my old blog!

  4. we finally got a welsh corgi after a long time wanting :) they are really smart and absolutely adorable!

  5. We had two airedale terrier's for over 10 years each time and loved them (don't shed, friendly, well mannered, don't bark). We also had a toy poodle (we didn't cut like a poodle) for 13 years. They are fun to sleep with and play with. Most recently, we have two soft coated wheaton terriers. They need to be brushed more often, jump up in laps, but are super friendly, beautiful and fun.

  6. I think that it totally depends on what you want out of a dog…but we have done a ton of research on different dogs (and we've had several as well). I think our next one will probably be a King Charles Cavalier. = ) Great with kids, small, but not too small, super sweet…etc.

  7. HAILEY!! A Yorkshire Terrier!! Juan has allergies too, but she is hypoallergenic. She doesn't bark and is super family and kid friendly. She does sometimes try to eat Enzo's snacks out of his hands (especially cheese!) but he loves it!

  8. I had two growing up: a German Shorthair Pointer & a Weimaraner. They were both amazing dogs. Not the brightest (at least ours weren't), but extremely loyal and well tempered.

  9. My mom was allergic to dogs so we got a Bichon Frise when I was a teenager. We loved her! She was really sweet! She was the little baby in our family!

  10. B, We've been seriously considering Airedales! Thanks for the info!

  11. Hi Heather! Sorry to hear about Wanda. :( We have a dachshund named Hazel and we are CRAZY(/borderline obsessed) about her! She is super affectionate and cuddly, SMART!, obedient, non-aggressive and great with kids. Everyone I know who has one swears they are the sweetest dogs ever. Plus they are the cutest dogs. Here's ours:

  12. I like cockapoos! They look like little stuffed animals and usually have cute faces whether old or young. My husbands family had one and that's when I fell in love with them. They called him Topper.

  13. my family cannot live without a dog. our beloved kramer [yes his name was kramer and yes it was seinfeld inspired] died and less than 24 hours later of putting him down we had bought a new one. you can call us obsessed. we know we are. ever since i was a baby we've owned a cocker spaniel, which is what i claim as my favorite. i have no reason as to why they are better than other dogs, they are just the family dog. someday i hope my future husband wants a cocker spaniel.

  14. we have a great dog we got from our local county shelter so he's technically a mutt to us. my husband did some research and is convinced that sammi (the dog) is part swiss mountain dog – he has the exact markings but is smaller. he's a great medium sized dog with just enough energy, and gets along with our cats. he loves kids, which is great if we plan on having a few!

  15. Ben and I agree cole would like a jack russell terrier

  16. My family has a Silky Terrier that we adore. She's a mix between a Yorkie and an Australian Terrier – hypoallergenic and very friendly. Plus, they're known for being quite attached to their families. They're called Silky Terriers because they're so soft. Mostly I love my dog because she likes to cuddle with me and will play tag forever.

  17. Puppy! Ooooh! A new dog for me to befriend? YES PLEASE! My favorites are usually terriers because they're smart, and just the right size for inside a house. I'm voting Airedale, Schnauzer, or Jack Russell. If you can, try a terrier mix of some sort so you don't get pure-bred problems.

  18. Stella is a German Shepard Rottwieller mix. she is the best dog we have ever had. She is great with the kids and is very loyal and protective. I found her abandoned at our local park. I doubt that she is hypoallergenic tho. Gentle to a fault and rarely barks. Great dog.

  19. Heather,We have Brittany Spaniel we've had him for about a year now and he is a fabulous dog. He is exctramly smart and very loving. They are great hunting dogs but also good for a pet. the coloring is what really caught my eye and when they are pups they are just the sweetest little things. I also love that they are not tiny little dogs and they are not HUGE, they are the perfct size no higher then my knee! heres a picture of mine..

  20. well, you know my preferences, but with that said, english bulldogs (although slobbery like children) are so well tempered and do well with children, low energy needs, and are the mushiest things (as you have seen!).. but are quite pricey. and dachshunds have the most infectious personalities, need to cuddle, and aren't too hyper.

  21. We have two silkies (Silky Terriers), and they are amazing! Both very quick to learn, well mannered and quiet. Both have fun personalities and very attached to the family. The puppy (Petunia) does bark at the door bell but never out of the blue. They are a bit bigger than Yorkies which is probably nice with small children. I also love/want Jack Russel Terriers, but we have been thinking twice about it because in my research I realize they are extremely high strung(we will be living in an apartment with no yard).I just met a Silky/Jack Russel mix at the beach the other and he was to die for. Maybe best of both worlds? Best of Luck!!

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