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Cole’s Valentine

On 14, Feb 2011 | 13 Comments | In Holiday | By Heather Mildenstein

Last night Matt and I put together little valentines to hand out to Cole’s neighborhood girlfriends and homies. They’re simple, but I think the kids will like them! We just went to the candy factory down the street and got their “lolliflops”, or mess-up suckers that are slightly mis-shapen or too big. They’re extremely inexpensive, but taste just as good! Cole loves them!

We’ll be taking the leftover lollipops over to Matt’s work so Cole can hand them out to his co-workers.

cole's valentine

cole's valentine (1)


  1. Lucky friends! Happy Valentine's Day, Cole, Heather, and Matt! I LOVE the little cards — so clever.

  2. Love those tags! I bet most kids will not get such well-designed valentines!

  3. Why is it that you ALWAYS have such cute ideas? Is it because you are amazing? :)

  4. I love those!

  5. very cute heather!i love those suckers!

  6. SO cute! I love it! You guys are so creative!


  8. PS. this is Natalie

  9. I'm eating Ginger's right NOW!

  10. In a few years when my kids hand out Valentines at school I am SO ordering tags from you. Brilliant.

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