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Our Native American Themed Nursery

Just a few weeks into my pregnancy, I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the nursery to turn out. With Cole we were renting, and with such little space I just felt like I couldn’t do a whole lot with the room, so I didn’t. But now with our own space and more room to work with, it made it just that much more exciting!

I like giving myself a little bit of a challenge, so with a very small budget to work with, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Almost everything in the nursery was a DIY project, craft, or deeply discounted sale item. There are a couple walls that I still would like to adorn with some sort of art, but I’m just waiting for just the right thing. I think the minimalism will do for now though.

So, without further ado, I give you our nursery!

Native American Nursery (5)

Native American Nursery (4)

Native American Nursery (2)

Native American Nursery (6)


  1. Beautiful!!! I LOVE the dresser, what a great find!! The pops of color are great. :) Hopefully he arrives soon!

  2. Heather!!!! This is downright gorgeous! You guys are so talented. What a vision you had — and you carried it out to perfection! I. LOVE. IT!!! I can't wait to see it in person!

  3. this room is awesome. lucky little guy. i love all the small details.

  4. Turned out so good! I love it! By the way….I can't believe we literally live 30 seconds away from each other and yet still manage to never see each other :( Let's do something about that, k?Love Whit

  5. I love it! Too many things that I love. The lamp shade and the throw…or the mobile and dresser…the colors and the theme…so rad! Love love love love love it! Lucky baby!

  6. You have real talent! I love it.

  7. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I've been waiting so patiently for the reveal! and the pictures are amazing!!! not to rant and rave about my own mobile…but I think it looks PERFECT! LOVE IT! xoxoxo

  8. Heather! It is BEAUTIFUL! I love love love the ways the antlers turned out, obviously! It is all so perfect. He will love it~

  9. Heather, you did an amazing job!

  10. Heather!! this is the most amazing nursery I have ever seen. I just love it! Nice Job!!!

  11. Beautiful and understated and such lovely details!

  12. This is SO RAD. Seriously, I want to live in that room

  13. Thanks everyone! And Jory, I'm sure we can make some sort of arrangements…

  14. Love the way it turned out! The antlers are my favorite part of the room. Very cute and perfect for the little Hawk.

  15. heather. this is honestly the most perfect nursery i have ever seen. no doubt. so, excuse me while i continue to swoon :)

  16. i love it!!

  17. I love this!! I think it turned out perfectly!

  18. How perfect for little Hawk! Great theme…the original H.A.W.K. would be humbled and honored!

  19. how darling is that?! i'm a total fan. and it's not all "baby'd" out, so it'll work forever. shoot, i'd live in it if the bed were big enough..

  20. That a girl.

  21. LOVE!!!!

  22. Love it all, the tall base boards, the pictures on the wall, mobiel, dresser I LOVE, everything looks amazing :) Great job guys

  23. The room is perfect!!!! I LOVE it. We're so excited for you guys!!! We are dying to see what this beautiful boy is going to look like. Love you guys!

  24. absolutely adorable.

  25. This is all wonderful, but I have to say that my favorite part is the framed Tootsie Pop "shooting star" Chief!

  26. love it! you are talented! where did you get the Tootsie Pop poster? Love it so much I pinned it

  27. Wow!! This is completely gorgeous and out of the ordinary! (and amazing find on the dresser! the pulls add just the right touch of whimsy for a nursery!)

  28. amazing! I love it!

  29. amazing nursery – I LOVE it! Would you mind sharing your paint color – that is the perfect gray!

  30. Love this gray too! I hope you don't mind sharing the name…I have the perfect space for it!

  31. I don't mind sharing at all! It was just extra paint I borrowed from a friend…behr's stonington gray. You can find it at home depot.

  32. Love the detail on that dresser, what a great find! Also, I love those painted antlers, I did the same thing a while ago in pretty much the same color scheme!

  33. Absolutely ADORE this room. So very different from any other nursery out there. Pulls at my NA heartstrings too (smile).Bernadette @B3HD

  34. This is so, so pretty! I'm so glad I clicked over from Susan's site!

  35. Absolutely adorable! I love the clean fresh inspired look of this nursery. Impressed by far. Never would have thought of that theme for a nursery, but it works in ways unbelievable

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