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DIY Sweater Stockings

I’ve been needing to get new stocking for a while now. Our family is growing. When I made stockings a LONG time ago, it was just Matt, Wanda and I. Then, when Cole came, Wanda’s stocking became Cole’s, and we got Wanda a more fitting stocking, because she was a dog and all. Now that Hawk is here, I thought it was time to just scrap the old stockings and start over, thinking long-term.

Before I start on the tutorial though, I must give credit to Nicole for giving me this idea. If it weren’t for her, I would not have these sweater stocking hung by my chimney with care.

If you’re worried about sewing, fear NOT! This was probably one of the most simple, easy crafts I’ve ever done! Anyone can do it, I promise! I busted 6 out in about an hour.
First, I started by going to the local thrift store to find some sweaters. You can use your own old sweaters too, if you have some. Here were my criteria for the sweater hunt:

-fun patterns
-bright colors
-nice ribbing on the bottom of the sweater (because this would be the TOP of the stocking)
-enough fabric to make large stockings (the size I wanted them to be)

After you have your sweaters, come home and make a pattern. I liked the shape of this basic stocking pattern, so I roughly followed this design. I made the pattern on the back of a cereal box that I had taken apart and opened up.

*Make sure to keep in mind seam allowance when making your pattern. Leave about 1/2 inch extra on all sides.

Turn your sweater inside out and pin your pattern to the sweater, making sure that the top of your stocking pattern (the opening of your stocking) is matched up with the bottom ribbing of the sweater. Cut out fabric.

Sew the stocking together, turn inside out, and voila! You have a beautiful stocking!

*Some of the feet on my stockings turned out a little elvish on accident, but I kind of like it like that :)

I tried to make a hook out of part of the sweater, but it was more work than it was worth, I thought. I ended up just putting the knitting of the stocking through the nail on the mantle. It works fine.

I made six stockings because I didn’t want to make stockings again. Does this mean I just made it official that we’re having 4 kids? Hmm…We’ll just have to see.


  1. Simply sensational stitching…

  2. love this i made mittens last year like fun!

  3. genius. these WILL be made by the end of the week.

  4. amazing. and just what i was looking for in the stores but didn't have any luck finding. hope i can find some sweaters :)

  5. Heather. I LOVE them!!! Absolutely awesome!

  6. PERFECT! loooove these!

  7. Pinned it.

  8. Love these! I made some out of flannel shirts last year using the colar for the top. I had to hand sew mine, so they are quirky, but have the character! It was fun pulling them out again!

  9. Been looking for a good sweater stocking template. Don't know why I never looked at Martha's, cause it's perfect.Don't blame you for busting out all the stockings for potential future babies, I would of done the same.

  10. So simple and sweet. Such a wonderful DIY!! Home Interiors

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