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Minimalist Chore Chart For Kids

Click here to download the Minimalist Chore Chart!

Kids love to help. For the most part, they love to please. Matt and I came up with this simple, modern chore chart for our illiterate child (he’s only 3 years old). We wanted something that was easy to understand, and that we could also adapt as he got a little older.

When Cole completed each task throughout the day, he received a sticker to put in the box according to each chore. At the end of the week, if his entire chart was complete with stickers he got to pick a prize out of the “treasure box”. The treasure box is filled with small toys and treats – think Target dollar spot, sometimes matchbox cars, candy, etc.

minimalist chore chart for kids

After completely finishing the entire chart for a few weeks, I realized it’s a lot of work on MY part, so eventually I highlighted a handful of the most important sections that were “must-do’s” in order to get the treasure box prize at the end of the week. The others were just bonus tasks.

chore chart for kids(1)

My personal favorite section of the chart was the “special task”, the image of the award at the very bottom. The “special task” was anything I wanted it to be that day. It usually ended up being something like watching our 8 month old, Hawk, while I finished the dishes, or something to that effect. It was a beautiful thing.

Click here to download the Minimalist Chore Chart!

xoxo, Heather

Minimalist Chore Chart for kids


  1. You are amazing. Also. Is it weird that I got all hurt when you called Cole illiterate? I prefer the term "picturecentric".

  2. That is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love it! Glad you are blogging again!

  4. So cute!! Thanks for this!!

  5. For the most part, I know what the categories are but could you tell me what each picture actually means? Thanks.

  6. Amber, We designed the images so that you can adapt them for any age. For example, for my 3 year old, I use the image of the plate and fork for him to put his dishes up on the counter when he's done eating. But if I had a 5 year old, I could have it mean that they wash their plate off and put it in the dish washer. The paper and pencil, if you have older children, could mean homework time, while to my preschooler it means art time!Hope this helps!

  7. Great idea! I have a two year old and she is VERY active, so I am always looking for new things that might get her attention even if just for a second. This is great since she loves helping with the chores. I did make my own with just 5 "must do's", that I plan on putting in a 5×7 magnet frame for the fridge. Again thanks for the great inspiration!

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