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Play Pretend: Library

It was Friday morning. I was still in my housecoat, teeth unbrush and hair in a mess. Cole wanted to go outside, but it was too cold. He wanted to go to a friend’s house, but I was too lazy. Then with a very enthusiastic and optimistic tone he said, “I know mom!! Let’s go to the library!” He knew it was the perfect solution to all of our problems. The only problem was that I was being a lazy mom and didn’t want to go anywhere.

And then it hit me. We could go to our OWN library right in the comfort of our home…and my housecoat. I told Cole the plan, and I’ve never seen such content on his face in his entire life. He lit up and we ran downstairs.

I don’t know if any of you have experienced the Provo Library’s children’s section and story time, but it’s pretty intense. It’s so popular that it’s standing room only. It goes a little something like this:

-sing songs and dance around
-tell a fantastic story that engages even the tiniest of kids
-puppet show

Then, when all the entertainment is done, we pile our library bag with as many books as we can carry.

Cole, being the most amazing, fabulous child as he is, tried to recreate that the best he could. Here’s what he came up with.


-lots of books to choose from
-a basket or bag
-library card (or something that looks like one)
-table for checkout
-table for display (optional)

We switched off being the “person” (librarian). Cole ended up loving being the “person” more than getting the books out of the bookcase.
The little piano acted as a barcode scanner. He would “dingggg” one of the keys on the piano as it scanned. Clever boy. 

Next we did singing time, and sang and danced to Cole’s favorite storytime library song “shake your sillies out“.

Then we had story time and Cole read a bunch of books to his audience (Hawk and me).

And last, but certainly not least, we ended with a puppet show featuring Umba and Mr. Lion. Cole put on a show just like how the library friends do. It was brilliant.

And a little video because I couldn’t help how adorable the whole event was. *sorry I’m an idiot and held my phone vertically while a taped! I’m new at video taping, okay?


  1. What fun!! I think you should share this with the library "people…"

  2. Cutest thing I've ever seen — since YOU used to do this! I can't stop watching the END of the video. That's my favorite part! Heather — you're a REALLY good mom. THANK YOU for documenting this perfect day!

  3. Adorable! I'm so glad you did this. The piano is darling. My kids use their cash register but you can also get the scan app and hear your phone beep. Like I mentioned on instagram I made free printable library cards and bookmarks and posted them on March 2 for Dr. Seuss' birthday. I love that you did this impromptu and you can do it again with different themes and play library anytime.

  4. this is really cute. i'll have to try it with my little guy. thanks for sharing!great little day

  5. I guess Madeline was right when she said your house was just like the library!

  6. I love this! You really are such a good mom. So lovely.

  7. His tongue out when he's concentrating is so great. "have a nice day!"

  8. Heather–I'm one of the children's librarians at PCL (even used to be a storyteller at the beginning) and I can't tell you how HAPPY this post makes me! I actually stumbled across it randomly on Pinterest (a picture titled "Play Library" caught my eye) and I was so surprised when I saw it referenced our department! I love your creativity and your sweet little guy's joy and delight in imagining and pretending about a library. Looks like you're doing an amazing job fueling his imagination–and his love of libraries! Thank you for this great post and thank you for loving the library–patrons like you make it thrive!

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