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Hawk Turns One!

On 17, Aug 2012 | 6 Comments | In Uncategorized | By Heather Mildenstein

Friends, my heart is full. Yesterday baby Hawk turned one year old. It seems like just yesterday that I introduced him to the world, gave Cole a best friend, perfected the swaddle, and had a spinal headache all at once. What a year it’s been.

Pardon me while I dote and brag, but my Hawk is, well, wonderful. He’s beautiful, kind, gentle, fun, happy, squishy, and funny. He’s so sweet that sometimes I want to bite him. There are no words to describe how I love him so.

We kept his birthday simple this year. A month before his birthday, I had grand plans to have a big bash with all the neighborhood kids, their families, and our family. As the days passed, my plans dwindled. As much as I love a good party, I just didn’t feel like throwing one, so I didn’t. We had the grandmas and grandpas over for hotdogs, gifts, and then cake. It was perfect.


For those of you who say he’s “perfect”, the picture below is for you. Let’s just say he has his moments. 
IMG_3996 IMG_4321 IMG_4278


  1. He's adorable! Now that I'm in Utah, I'd love to see you sometime!

  2. Heather, you speak about your boys so beautifully. What a handsome devil that Hawk is. I"m loving his cake, food decorating doesn't come naturally to me either, I may use this for Piper's first birthday in September.

  3. *December.

  4. He's even beautiful when he's crying. Perfect Baby Boy.

  5. See, I think he's perfect crying too! Love that Hawk boy!

  6. SO CUTE!!!

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