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Halloween Advent Calendar

I’ve had an idea to make a Halloween advent calendar in my head for weeks now, and I’m excited that I’ve finally executed it! I must admit, it wasn’t MY idea. It was my friend Torri’s that I originally saw on instagram. Thanks Torri! xoxo

It all started precisely on September 2nd, when we were sitting in church. Matt leaned over and whispered, “Honey, we’re going to need to plan out our October pretty soon.”

What’s not to love about October? The weather, the colors, the air! This is the first year that Cole is REALLY getting into it, so I wanted to make each day super exciting. I first made a list of all of our favorite fall/october activities. Some of them we like to repeat, others are special one-timers. I looked around my house for supplies that I already had, and surprisingly I have all of the materials I needed, besides the little black envelopes. I ordered those on Etsy and they came within a couple days. I highly recommend this seller.

I had a clear stamp block and clear stamps from SEI. I experimented by dipping them in gold acrylic paint rather than ink, and it worked like a charm! I wanted it to really show up on the black! So I stamped the numbers on. Then I cut out cards out of halloween scrapbook paper and wrote the different activities on them. Pretty self explanatory.

I’m happy with the way it turned out! I wanted it to be a simple and easy project, and it was precisely that! The hardest part was coming up with 31 activities! That’s why I want to share my list with you so you can enjoy October as much as we will! Links provided as well. Some of them are local activities, so if you don’t like around here, improvise :)

Halloween Advent Calendar

Halloween Advent Calendar4

Halloween advent calendar activities (in no particular order):

-jack-o-lantern rocks
-monster rocks
-church Halloween party
-The Red Barn (hayride out to a pumpkin patch)
-carve pumpkins
-make luminarias
-decorate the house!
-Buy decorative pumpkins
-wheeler farm (farm for kids)
-make mummy cookies
-paint small pumpkins
-buy Halloween candy
-make popcorn balls
-watch a Halloween movie
-watch a Halloween movie
-make Halloween suckers for neighbors
-rake leaves and play in them
-make shadow puppets
-drink hot chocolate
-spider attack! (magnetic spiders on the door)
-spooky Halloween lunch (mummy drink)
-make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
-make spiderwebs with white tape on carpet
-The Red Barn (again)
-make hot apple cider
-see the witches at Gardner Village
-put together treats to give out on Halloween
-make pasta skeletons
-dad’s birthday!
-chili party with friends

Halloween Advent Calendar3

Halloween Advent Calendar1


  1. How did you come from me??? I didn't do any of this fun stuff for you kids! I LOVE this idea, Heather! Love, love, LOVE. Cole is going to think this is the neatest idea EVER!

  2. I love me a good countdown! and Halloween is my favorite celebration (even more than Christmas). Great minds really do think alike because I just put together our advent list! I like some of your ideas better though… I might be switching a couple. Thanks! (my favorite one that I'm soo sososo excited for is the magnetic spiders!)

  3. So fun Heather! I love your ideas and might have to copy some of them! This is way cute–maybe I should have done yours instead of my felt one! This one is way simpler and so cute!

  4. I bow to your amazingness.

  5. That is not an Advent calendar. It is a good idea but don't name it that. Advent is the time in which we should be preparing for the coming of Jesus. Halloween is a secular holiday that shouldn't be called the same.

  6. Actually, Jenny, Heather does not capitalize the word "advent" which means that it is not related to the Christian Advent. When spelled with a small a, advent means "coming into being or use" both of which apply beautifully to Heather's calendar. Fall is absolutely coming into being and she is showing us, her faithful readers, how best to put the season to use. Cheers,meg

  7. this is amazing!!! such fun ideas and the little envelopes with eyes are adorable. will definitely be doing this at our house too :)

  8. fantastic ideas! you could also add the Provo river Halloween cruise if its up your alley.

  9. i love this!

  10. Heather,How dare you use advent to describe such witchcraft. Had you been born in an earlier time you surely would be hung or drown! Heads will roll,AJ*

  11. good on ya, meg. this is too sweet, heather. and i would love to get my handwriting on a version of this!

  12. heather this is so cute! I love this can we expect one for thanksgiving, valentines day..etc? ha:)

  13. fabulous. One of the 6 thousand reasons I wish we were neighbors is so that you could force me to do stuff like this with you. I swear, my kid's childhood is being seriously affected by my lack of craftiness. Save them from their lazy, uncreative mother!!

  14. This is a fabulous idea! Looking forward to my bug growing older!

  15. I really love your blog and I wrote an article with your advent calendar DIY if you want have a look it will be a pleasure ( )GreatingsCam_lle

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