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Kent Christensen’s Custom Rings

On 18, Sep 2012 | One Comment | In Uncategorized | By Heather Mildenstein

My uncle is amazing. He’s oozing with talent and I can’t get enough of everything he does! Besides the fabulous family portraits that he does, he also is a jeweler.

Currently, Kent has been taking customer’s old gold that they don’t wear anymore, possibly with sentimental value, and turns it into something hip, stylish, and something that any passerby would lust over. Why keep a piece of valuable jewelry that you don’t love, hidden away in a drawer, never to see the light of day?

I was showing Kent my treasures one day, telling him about the good old days in Hawaii. I would comb the beach for hours on end each day sifting for sea glass and filling jar after jar with them. Then I had an idea! I had an ugly gold ring that I hadn’t worn for a good 20 years, and asked what he could do with it and also a small piece of sea glass. With a little collaboration and some creative freedom on his end, he came up with my most favorite piece of jewelry that I own. I love it and will never, ever part with it! I will treasure it forever!

Kent is offering his services to you, too! Do you have any gold or silver that is just sitting in a dark drawer, never to be worn? Maybe a pretty gem in a repulsive setting? Let Kent recreate it into something you love!

Prices vary for each piece of jewelry he makes, so contact him for quotes!

Kent Christensen



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scrap gold image via gold parties


  1. SO many ideas in my head. Gotta gather my jewelry and my ideas…

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