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Children’s Skateboard Picnic Table

I have very clever friends, one of which has an awesome etsy shop called Indie Pop. Meg and Corbin of Indie Pop Shop have up-cycled old skateboards that they don’t use anymore into some great things for their kids.

Check out this awesome kid’s picnic table that they made out of old skateboards! So amazing, huh? Guess what! They are selling downloadable PDF’s for a mere $15 so that you can make your own for your tiny shredder!

Indie Pop Shop also sells really cute skateboard rubber band guns, once again, up-cycled from old skateboards. Cole would LOVE this! These would make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

And for those of you who aren’t super crafty but want your hands on one of those great picnic tables, you can order one right to your door, with minimum assembling required! These are true works of art!



  1. This is SO adorable! My 3 yo boy is obsessed w/ anything and all things skateboards. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. what an awesome (should "rad" be the right word to use here? :) ) table!

  3. I love clever ideas, and this picnic table is definitely clever! Very cool, very neat.

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