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Valentine Bots

This weekend I created these cute little Valentine Robots. I love them because they’re really simple to make, and they’re not your traditional valentine. After they were finished drying, my boys went nuts over them! They were dancing, singing, and playing with them the entire day! The craft is pretty straight forward, but I’ll go through some tips to help you along the way.

robot valentine

robot valentine 1

Valentine Bots (valentine robots)

empty can
smooth styrofoam ball
2-3 pipe cleaners
self-adhesive eyes
two pom poms
construction paper
gold acrylic paint
gold spray paint
hot glue gun

1. Spray paint the can

2. Paint the styrofoam ball. I made a rookie mistake the first time by spray painting the styrofoam, but I guess I was the only one in the world who didn’t know that you can’t spray paint styrofoam. It got all weird and crinkled, and disintegrated a little. I still could’ve used it, but I liked the smooth look better.

3. Create arms by cutting about 3″ of pipe cleaner (two for each arm). I just twisted two pieces together. Hot glue arms onto can.

4. Get creative with the robot antenas. I just poked mine into the styrofoam, and hot glued the pom poms onto the ends.

5. Attach self adhesive eyes. For the girl bot, I put some little lashes on the side of her eyes with a black sharpie marker.

6. Create a cute, tiny valentine for your valentine bot to carry. Hot clue onto hand. (not your hand, the robot’s hand).

7. Fill your bot’s body with delicious goodies, and give to a friend!

If you end up making your own Valentine Bot, I’d LOVE to see it! Put your link in a comment so I can see!

robot valentine 2


  1. I REALLY love these, Heather! So clever and creative and DIFFERENT!

  2. I am in LOVE with these! I don’t even have any kids but I want them for myself. There’s no shame in that!

    • Sarah,

      Make ‘em! They’re not just for kids! Aren’t they the cutest?

  3. I made some of these!! Thanks for the idea. They are so cute!

    • Anna,

      They turned out SO cute! Thanks for showing me! It made me so happy! xoxo

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